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The grooming of Sneakers is very important not only to maintain their good looks but also to have them for many years. Sneakers are the favorite not only for young people but also for older people because they are comfortable, relaxed and can be worn daily in almost all our activities. Many times our athletic shoes cost much more money than other regular shoes we have. So we do not like to lose their good initial appearance, nor do we even take them off in a short time, especially when they have a lot of fun. Because our activities may vary, there are athletic walking shoes, sneakers for track and field, basketball, soccer and many sports. There are also sports work shoes, but also sneakers that can be worn even with more formal garments.



There are many types of graisses that soften, nourish, and take care of our water-proof shoes. The type of fat you use is directly related to the materials making up the shoe, its use, the conditions and the type of leather or other composite materials simultaneously.

Traditional polish


The PATE DE LUXE SAPHIR is a traditional nourishing polish based on beeswax. Contains 'wax' which is a vegetable wax from the leaves of the palm of brazil and turpentine spirit. With this product you can achieve maximum shine your shoes with special beauty in color.

Leather furniture is elegant, they have modern look and retro style.
They give style and grandeur. They have delicate grace which is appeared by the first look. They bring to our home or to our workplace a rich appearance. A leather sofa or leather armchair make the difference in the good taste of the room which is immediately visible to someone who will see it for the first time. It is something we buy for a life time, as the leather is a natural product. So we can extend its life. Taking care of our leather furniture we take care of our investment.

The processing that accept smooth leather varies according on the appearance, texture, part and type of animal from which are made and the final finish that wants to give tanner. For example cowhide leather is more durable and withstands greater strain than the leather from lamb or goat which are delicate, soft but also more sensitive.

prerequisite to start cleansing is to make sure that our shoes are completely dry. The best way to dry our shoes is to leave them in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors and room temperature, without attempting to artificially speed up this process. This is because you will burden the skin drying it and making it harder


Frequent cleaning of shoes is important because it helps the varnish to be absorbed by the clean

and open pores with respect to smooth leather. It is therefore recommended cleaner in liquid or

foam form. A sponge or a cleaning brush is necessary. For nubuck ­ suede leathers

recommended special wire or crepe brush and the like for these leather cleansers. For local

superficial soiling a cleaning eraser is enough.


As our clothes so our shoes are part of our appearance and should be clean and tidy. As we daily care for our clothes to keep them clean and ironed in our closet, we must take care of our shoes too if we care about our appearance. To keep them always in good condition store clean and polished and thus prolonging their lifespan. It is therefore essential to know how and what products will help us to clean and take care of our shoes. Here are some of the ways and shoe care products.

Our feet are made to be able to adapt our walking on uneven and generally the natural ground. Over the years since the ancient times until today, things have changed dramatically. The soil where we need to walk has become flatter, harder, and less friendly for our feet. Where almost all surfaces we have to walk are artificial surfaces, such as sidewalks and concrete tiles, ceramic floor tiles and cobbled streets. This is of course very good for wheeled, but it is really very tiring for our feet. The only way to help us walk in this changing environment is to use not only right shoes and right shoes insoles.

With our leather furniture add elegance and refinement in the decoration of your home or our workplace. The leather furniture always gives a feeling of luxury and prestige. The furnishings of our room with leather furniture is considered as a high cost option and is not accessible to most of us. But seeing the advantages of leather furniture we will see that this is a misconception. Leather furniture have toughness and durability than any other material they need to remain in their original state is to provide the proper care so that we have always like new furniture.

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