The processing that accept smooth leather varies according on the appearance, texture, part and type of animal from which are made and the final finish that wants to give tanner. For example cowhide leather is more durable and withstands greater strain than the leather from lamb or goat which are delicate, soft but also more sensitive.

The cleaning of smooth leather is achieved with various products which are apart from the special cleaners, cleansing creams and care at the same time.

The products needed are:

  • An applicator brush or a clean sponge
  • A polishing brush, preferably horse hair or cotton polishing cloth
  • Cleansing shampoo liquid, spray or liquid that cleans layers which were created by earlier dyes.

How to clean our shoes

Clean with suitable cleaning the surface of the shoe, removing the cords if any. Allow to dry and repeat the process if necessary. Then repaint with dye care or colorless shoe care cream giving the leather the elements that were removed or lost with the passing time.

The dyes are not only used as a means repigmentation as many think, but also as a means of hydration and leather nourishment. So we must be aware that only the painting process is not complete care. Technology has combine plant and animal derivatives with dyes so that a product can achieve multiple benefits. There are also mild daily cleaners neutral without coloring which moisturize, nourish, protect and restore the smooth leather of our shoes the properties and characteristics that they had.

The clean and tidy leather retains all its properties. Specifically does not break, does not harden, does not crack and lasts much longer than we imagine.


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