Shoe Care and Cleaning

As our clothes so our shoes are part of our appearance and should be clean and tidy. As we daily care for our clothes to keep them clean and ironed in our closet, we must take care of our shoes too if we care about our appearance. To keep them always in good condition store clean and polished and thus prolonging their lifespan. It is therefore essential to know how and what products will help us to clean and take care of our shoes. Here are some of the ways and shoe care products.

To be able to keep your shoes in perfect condition should not be missing from any household a leather care kit that will consist of:

A dye that protects our shoes and cover scratches.

A fat to always keep our leather shoes protected

A cleaning product to properly clean our shoes and maintain the elasticity of our Leather

A brush made of natural horse hair for proper coating products

A waterproofing spray for protection against water and mud

The way of protection is simple enough to offer quality products that will make not only their job properly and easy for us.

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Shoe Care and Cleaning
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