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  • anav7318

    Metal shoe horn.

    Metal shoe horn. Code : 442-15482004. Category : Shoe horns.
    2,90 €
  • 15482002

    Metal shoe horn.

    Metal shoe horn 42cm. Code : 440-15482002. Category : Shoe horns.
    7,40 €
  • 912030A

    Buckles for belts 3.5 cm

    Buckles for belts 30 mm Code : buc-912030-A. Category : Belts & Buckles.
    6,00 €
  • 35-200C

    Buckles for belts 3,5 cm

    Buckles for belts 35 mm Code : buc-35-G200c. Category : Belts & Buckles.
    4,00 €

Featured Products

  • memory


    Anatomic insole memory foam Code : INS-0001. Category : Shoe Insoles.
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    16,00 €
  • trigon9639


    Brush in triangle shape for nubuck and suede. Code : BRU-15362007. Category : Brushes.
    7,20 €
  • funnylockorange


    Funny Lock - Elastic Laces. Reflective - bicolor with white fluorescent spots. Code : funny lock two colours.. Category : Shoe laces.
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    5,00 €
  • POWER SET_5310


    Cleaning kit with many benefits for shoes from smooth leather and nubuck. Code : SOLIT-1120. Category : Leather cleaning products.
    10,70 €
  • bergal7848


    Sensation 3D, anatomic footbed-insole. Code : INS- BNS7079. Category : Shoe Insoles.
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    13,20 €

Leather Care Land

Your reliable partner for shoe care, leather care, shoe insoles & leather accessories

Leather Care Land is the fastest growing company in the area of leather care products in Northern Greece. Leather Care Land with its valuable knowledge and years of experience in leather care provides for you high quality products at unbeatable prices.

Find in our e-shop leather care products like deodorants and disinfectants, skin emollients, leather shoe creams, special dyes for footwear, products for many leather skin types including oily, suede, nubuck, smooth leather, patent leather, crocodile, patented skins and more. Of course we have many leather accessories as riders, shoe trees, shoe laces, buckles and belts. You could not miss from our large collection of shoe insoles like sport shoe insoles, leather insoles, silicone insoles, anatomic insoles and orthopedic insoles, for every need in shoe insoles that you might have.

But it is not only our wide variety of leather care products, shoe soles and various leather accessories , which sets us apart from the competition. With our vast experience and wealth of our suppliers we provide to you not only great variety and the best market prices with guaranteed high quality of our products.

We stand out from the competition in the field of leather and leather care products , because we are always willing to listen to your problem and find the best possible solution. We are always close to you giving you advice on your leather products and their care. Find in our blog tips and interesting articles on the leather care and leather goods .

For many years we are in the field of leather care. Our goal is to always have satisfied customers by ensuring that we offer not only quality products at competitive prices and quick response to your needs. It is no coincidence that we have the same customers for over 15 years. To this has helped our deep knowledge we have about leather care products the right choice of reliable suppliers for all brands and types of related products products on the Greek and foreign market but perhaps most important is that we are always close our customers with reliable delivery of our products, with tips to questions, with many offers and reliable service.

We would like to seize the opportunity given to us through our website to thank you for your confidence in us and continue to show us all these years. And do not forget Leather Care Land is the only company that can support you after your orders via telephone, email messages, chat and through social networks via Facebook and Google Plus.

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We have a hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria and we were looking for a reliable partner to supply us with shoe polish and in general leather care products for our customers. Leather Care Land replied to our request with the best price! Their service was extremely good and their delivery time as promissed.....


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