There are many types of graisses that soften, nourish, and take care of our water-proof shoes. The type of fat you use is directly related to the materials making up the shoe, its use, the conditions and the type of leather or other composite materials simultaneously.


The most common reason we use fat is waterproof. The optimum effect is achieved with the right graisse. There graisses mostly animal such seals, of wild duck, mink (mink), artificial and vegetable fats.

The texture and density of each fat varies. So the wild boar fat is thick and provides maximum waterproofing and has greater durability and resistance to pain, in difficult terrain or in work shoes or in a natural landscape, where mud, water, wild vegetation and rocky rough terrain. Creates a thick protective layer on the surface of the shoe which makes it virtually impermeable while making cleaning easier after use.

Seal fat is probably the most famous and its use and benefits are known. The wild duck fat is more subtle creamy texture and makes it easier to spread and more absorbent than leather. It offers care, protection and waterproofing to a lesser extent than in previous fats. So it can be used more often. Almost the same but with more features is waterproof action and fat from minks (mink).


The more dense is the composition of graisse, the more thick texture is more difficult it is to implement so we have to spread it more pressure and sparingly. These fats water-proof to the maximum and have greater strength and durability. The more sparse and creamy texture is a fat more absorbent and penetrating it. Ensures better, it gives longevity, easily applied and waterproofs maximally.

Basic and essential condition before using any type of fat is the clean surface of shoes. So be sure that they are clean. After a difficult and painful use look after to leave them clean and completely dry , lubricate them so they will be ready for the next time you wear them.


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