Take care of your leather furniture & your leather interior of your car

Leather furniture is elegant, they have modern look and retro style.
They give style and grandeur. They have delicate grace which is appeared by the first look. They bring to our home or to our workplace a rich appearance. A leather sofa or leather armchair make the difference in the good taste of the room which is immediately visible to someone who will see it for the first time. It is something we buy for a life time, as the leather is a natural product. So we can extend its life. Taking care of our leather furniture we take care of our investment.

The leather properties are different from those of textile  of furniture. The car interior for example is hot in summer and cold in winter. But skin indoors is warmed by body heat and it keeps it. In summer as the skin is natural and breathes can remain pleasantly cool.

Many people have doubts about how difficult and tiring it can be to clean and care of your leather furniture. Views baseless as learning how to look after them you realize that it is not harder than the care of other types of furniture covering.

Remember! The leather of your furniture was once the skin of an animal. So we need to clean, to care, and keep it hydrated and away from the sun, fireplace, or other heat sources to avoid drying and fatal premature aging of.


Basic leather care is dusting with a cotton cloth. Remove dust regularly to reflect the beautiful appearance of the leather.

When we want to clean in depth we do not use any cleaner. Detergents, which are ideal  for other uses can damage the skin as these may have solvents, ammonium, chloride phosphates salts and other chemicals..

After cleaning, depending on how and how often you will judge necessary for each circumstance ,you should take care of them  with a conditioner which nourishes, regenerates and brightens leather again. So restore the original appearance and its original features.

If the stain is caused by butter, oil, grease and similar tough stains, wipe with a dry cloth to absorb the greatest possible amount and clean immediately with special cleaner.

Time is relentless. Skin aging normal. But how we can extend its life but while keeping the original characteristics?

care products, toiletries and hydration can prevent cracks that are caused with time. they help them retain their elasticity. Discoloration is also inevitable. There is a solution for this as well as creams have pigments that give the lost vitality and luster of the original paint. Creams containing mink oil, jojoba, resins and other ingredients help to the maximum for a comprehensive care.

Meet our products to clean and take care of your leather furniture and leather interior of your car effectively.

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Take care of your leather furniture & your leather interior of your car
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