How to stretch your shoes

Many times we choose and buy shoes that after walking we realise that they are too tight or that they hit us at certain points of the foot such as the knuckle, the outside at the height of our little toe, the heel,  or the other parts of the sole. By searching the internet for ways to get rid of pain we can find many different and dubious ways to solve the problem. We at leathercareland after many years of experience dealing with shoe accessories can suggest you responsible and safe solutions as they have been tested and have found application in many different problems for which we have been asked for help.

If the pain is bearable and our shoes are made of leather (made of soft leather) or are tied (with laces) then maybe with time and use they take the shape of the foot and stop bothering us. But if the pain is severe, whether we wear them for a while, or we wear them for many hours every day, then it is pointless to wait for them to stretch out on their own using our feet, as this may cause irreparable damage on feet.

So what we need to do is install a shoe stretcher screw and stretch our shoes at the points that narrow us. We can also use a stretching spray as an emollient for easier and faster stretching before placing the stretcher screw or before wearing them. When the shoe is deep and hits us at heel height below the Achilles tendon you can use heel raiser to make the shoe more or less shallow. You can also use self-adhesive leather sticker heel grip that are easily applied to the back of the shoe and are highly recommended for heels. Visit our e-shop, see the care products and shoe accessories and do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can find the best solution for you.

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How to stretch your shoes
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