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Supplier : Leather Care Land Code : TAR-15262019. Product Category : Grease for shoes & waterproofing. Product Packaging : 100 ml.
Tucan Mink Oil is enriched with natural mink oil and natural wax.

Lubricates leather preventing chapping and helps to waterproof it. It is easily absorbed by leather helping to

prevent transference from shoes and boots to clothing. For oiled leather and natural leather.


This is a dubbin specially formulated to protect,shine and nourish the leather, preventing against chapping and

waterproofing. Suitable for oiled leather and for smooth leather.The natural mink oil has a high content of essential

fatty acids, such as palmitoleic acid. This acid has great moisturizing and

lubricating properties. Its wax content helps to waterproof, shines and polishes the leather. Its use provides flexibility and

softness to the leather, as well as protection and waterproofing, extending the life of the leather shoes.

1 – Remove dust from the surface.

2 – With a clean cloth apply evenly a little quantity of the product.

3 – Let it dry 10 minutes.

4 – Finish with a dry cloth to polish.

*Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

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We have a hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria and we were looking for a reliable partner to supply us with shoe polish and in general leather care products for our customers. Leather Care Land replied to our request with the best price! Their service was extremely good and their delivery time as promissed.....


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