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See below some of the Frequently Asked Questions for leather care, shoe care, leather products care etc that some of our customers are asking

-The Stain caused by oil, is the most difficult to be cleaned. It needs immediate and local cleaning. If we let the stain from oil to exist for days, making it very difficult to clean it. The choice of cleaning depends on the amount of oil or derivatives thereof, the degree of stain on the shoe, the time elapsed until the flush and the color of leather. Strong local cleaning detergents are the KING DRY DETACHEUR CUIRS TEXTILES and MOVI DRY CLEANER. With these immediately clean the spot of stain and repeat the process for the best possible result. A prerequisite for a brush for suede shoes. These products are powerful. Therefore, it would be good to keep in mind the possible repigmentation with dye for suede to its original color, which anyway is good to have for the care of our suede shoes.

-It's Good to avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Renew their soles when we consider that are worn or have lost their original properties by frequent over time, especially when it comes to working shoes. In this way we avoid the odor from perspiration of feet and moisture in combination with the dust which accumulates on the inside. The leather insoles help in absorbing sweat and withstand long and frequent use. We remove them from shoes at the end of the day. Special disinfectant and deodorant products eliminate odors, giving a soft and pleasant perfume not only to shoes but also in their locker.

-The Wooden shoe trees help shoes to be dried as they absorb moisture from the inside of the shoe, especially after long use. Place them at the end of the day and they help your shoes not only to be dried but also to maintain the form of preventing the cracks and creases of the leather. Forms of cedar wood add extra and a special pleasant perfume in our shoes.

Foot pain from tiredness caused by prolonged standing, intense sports, or walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time can be relieved by shock-absorbing cushions. Ideal for this is the pad with memory foam technology. It can also be flat or anatomically shaped from gel or genuine silicone. Tiredness may also result from inadequate support in the arc of the tread arch. So we can use a soft anti-shock insole, but the problem continues to exist. This means that there is insufficient support either in the arch area or in the metatarsal area, so we need anatomic insoles with reinforced support at these points.

-For the cold and rainy winter days we buy the necessary accessories to protect ourselves.. Warm clothing, and suitable shoes to keep our feet warm and dry. But what if our favorite shoes are made of suede or sensitive leather? We do not wear them in the rain usually so we do not get them dirty. But this can change if we have the suitable products to protect them. We can waterproof our favorite suede shoes or even our athletic sneakers and wear them without fear. The process is simple. After making sure our shoes are clean, spray our shoes with NANO INVULNER from saphir at a distance of 20cm. We wait 20 minutes and our shoes are ready to be weared. The product creates an invisible protective membrane and prevents moisture from entering inside the shoe. This product also guarantees high protection against water, moisture and stains.



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