Solitaire CHAUVI-SET shoe care set

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Supplier : Leather Care Land Code : SOLIT 901121. Product Category : Shoe care kits.
Travel set Solitaire CHAUVI-SET

Already clear: you are the best. A crazy guy. You are irresistible And so are your clothes. You know what is fashionable

and that cool shoes have long ceased to be just a women's issue. Your shoes are so well cared for as long as you are.

And use only the best to take care of your personal belongings. It is so simple. Oh, you already have it and you just need

an unusual gift for a special occasion? This proves it: you still have the best ideas!

Solitaire CHAUVI-SET travel set

1 Self-polishing, Quick-But-Not-Dirty shoe cleaning sponge. Removes surface dirt and dust,

brings a glow in seconds without repainting all smooth leather and keeps it supple

1  impregnation concentrate dryer in PE bottle 75 ml with practical sponge applicator. No spray!

1 GUMMI. Rubber removes stains and dirt from all sensitive leather, especially light-colored suede and leather.

1 MATSCHOEX cleaner for men's shoes with combined brush-sponge head for optimal cleaning performance

1WIXXE without solvents with beeswax and real silk takes care of sensitive, pastel and colored smooth leathers. Also suitable for metallic leather

1 Cotton cloth for dusting and polishing

1 shoe horn


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